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It processes both orders and trade settlements on chain. Interface. Resources. Website The latest tweets from @EtherDelta The only official representatives in the chat room are ETHERDELTAZACK_TWITTER, ETHERDELTAREP1_TWITTER, ETHERDELTAREP2_TWITTER, ETHERDELTAREP3_TWITTER, ETHERDELTAREP4_TWITTER, and ETHERDELTAUX_TWITTER. Mar 25, 2015 · Etherdelta's facade is cracking on twitter.

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11/29/2019 12/21/2017 EtherDelta คือการแลกเปลี่ยน Cryptocurrency ที่กระจายออกจากศูนย์มี 0 coin และ 0 คู่การซื้อขายอยู่บนตลาดแลกเปลี่ยนมีรายงานว่าปริมาณ EtherDelta ใน 24 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมาอยู่ Old Home of ForkDelta. ForkDelta has moved to Go to Trading → Reveal locally stored accounts Contribute to etherdelta/ development by creating an account on GitHub. EtherDelta was an online platform for the secondary market of ERC20 tokens like the ones created by Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The main problem is that the exchange was operating as a national securities exchange because it brought together buyers and sellers for digital assets via an order book and smart contracts .

@crypto_all_news_twitter You would manually have to authorize EtherDelta on MetaMask, but why when it's not functioning properly? If you're logged into ForkDelta you have access to the same EtherDelta smart contract (EtherDelta 2), so you have all the access there as you would at EtherDelta using the same key entry.

Until now, the company hasn’t posted about lifting this warning. At the time of publishing this article, EtherDelta’s website was offline. 8th Breach Against Cryptocurrency Platforms In … EtherDelta Token (EDT) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform.

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Etherdelta exchange is a decentralized trading platform. Traders need not register in this exchange, as … EtherDelta confirmed the attack via Twitter. The company urges that users stop using the site as the site was unsafe to be used.

Twitter etherdelta

The hacker reportedly took over EtherDelta’s DNS server and set up a fake site for visitors. After confirming the hack on Twitter, EtherDelta advised all users not to use the site. A Beginners Guide to EtherDelta.. Additional Notes:.

Twitter etherdelta

We provide you with accurate, reliable information. Read our Advertising Disclosure.Article Overview: This guide to Etherdelta will cover everything you need to know about Etherdelta exchange and how to trade on Etherdelta, which is the most intimidating exchange.Etherdelta is the most popular decentralized exchange in the… Add ERC20 Token To Etherdelta Add ERC20 Token To Uniswap Exchange Connect With Us. Thank you for reading this far! You can: - follow us on Twitter - subscribe to our channel on Youtube. Contact us.

Etherdelta got hacked , I think it's inside job because they never shutdown the site after all the hackings. The Hacker got different ethereum based tokens and ethereum. New CEO , new problem. I got an intrusctions for who doesn't know how to pull out the funds without accessing the etherdelta site. EtherDelta is an open-source and decentralized exchange for ETH based tokens.

Recap. Etherdelta is a decentralized exchange based on smart contracts. It has been bought by Chinese toggle_navigation @dayy_om_twitter Yes, but use because EtherDelta no longer works. ForkDelta does everything EtherDelta did, so just take your wallet there and see all your assets just like you would at EtherDelta.

To use EtherDelta you’ll need to use something that let’s you interface with it. One solution is MetaMask.To get an idea of how you can use MetaMask to trade on EtherDelta (and to get an idea of what I mean when I say EtherDelta can be a little wonky), see: Using MetaMask (dapp for chrome) with EtherDelta (decentralized exchange). Now, according to its Twitter page, EtherDelta went back online on the 1st of March. However, people posting underneath that announcement don’t seem to agree. In fact, every post on its Twitter feed is followed by unsatisfied responses from customers showing varying degrees of anger.

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The listing on our platform, our verified badge or an exchange using our logo on their website does not mean we endorse the exchange nor does it mean we confirm it is safe to use. — EtherDelta (@etherdelta) December 20, 2017.


If you're logged into ForkDelta you have access to the same EtherDelta smart contract (EtherDelta 2), so you have all the access there as you would at EtherDelta using the same key entry. You cannot trade with any confidence on EtherDelta because that part is broken, but you can remove your coins from the smart contract back into your wallet, but I suggest you do that on ForkDelta. Go to using the same key you would use in EtherDelta. So, I selected Forget Account and exited from etherdelta and closed my ether wallet. However, every time that I visit etherdelta, I can still see the account address in the top right corner with my balance and the message "No private key". How do I remove that connection between my ether wallet and etherdelta, so I can start over from scratch.

18 Sep 2020 He worked on the EtherDelta case, which settled with the regulator took to Twitter to share their concerns about UNI possibly being a security,  There was a time when the coinbase bitcoin ether etherdelta cannot withdraw cared about the solutions. This is the Facebook Twitter RSS. The transfer  26 Dec 2017 Etherdelta has been bombarded with tweets from users who didn't lose anything at the time of the hack, but whose wallets have since been  22 Sep 2019 Twitter. A White Plains man has been arrested on charges that he reported that Z.C. could be Zachary Coburn, EtherDelta's CEO,  You realise anyone can create a token and call it whatever the hell they ethereum classic bitcoin silver twitter and upload it to EtherDelta and have it trading  7 août 2019 L'on se rappelle que le DEX EtherDelta avait déjà connu la tourmente to follow up @coindesk @Cointelegraph 2 Mar 2018 Exploring their Twitter doesn't give me a better feeling as it looks like all of their Tweets from the past were deleted up until February 10th, 2018.